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Friday, April 01, 2005

This story just keeps getting better.

Remember how I had Dawn call both weird numbers? Well, one of them was routed directly to Carrie's voicemail, which I'm guessing was at her house. The other was, more than likely, a cell phone, because Dawn said that it sounded like the girl was driving in a car when she answered.

When the girl in the car picked up, Dawn made up a fictional person--Katie-- that she was trying to get ahold of. Apparently, Carrie has Caller ID at home as well. How do I know?

Thanks for asking!

Dawn got a call last night from a number that came up as "Restricted", so she did the smart thing and let it go to her voicemail. When she her messages, this is what it said:

"Hi, I'm looking for Dan..oops, I mean Dawn. Yeah, and you sound like a bitch!"


It doesn't take Stephen Hawking to figure this out. My guess is that Carrie matched up the number from the missed call on one phone to the wrong number call on another, and realized that someone was fucking with her. Whether or not she thinks that someone is me, I don't know. How would she?

In other news, did I tell you that I bought a pet rabbit last week? His name is Floppsy.

[To eveyrone whose number I should have in my phone: If we've talked in the past month or two, and you think you should be entered into my phone book, please let me know. It's possible that I haven't saved your number. The reason I ask for your number again is because I'm not answering any call from a number I don't know.]


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