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Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm back!

Please, oh my, I didn't think I'd recieve this sort of applause upon my return. I'm flattered. If you'll settle down, we can get down to more pressing matters. Ok, fine, just one more standing oh.

Let it all out.

You, in the back, please climb off that man's shoulders and put your sheer tee-shirt back on. You can leave that bra up front with me. Yes, dude, I'm talking to you. Sicko.

Anyhow, I'm sure most of you already knew about this, but I just discovered Cooliris, a kickass extension for Firefox. With it, you can mouseover a link and have a preview window--a preview window with the full functionality of the webpage--pop up in the foreground. Love it.

This is great for me because it reduces the number of superfluous, uneccessary and redundant mouse clicks for me. It doesn't stop me from being too wordy, but what does? Not much that I know about.

One thing, though; would the preview still be counted as a page view? If not, my web usage here at work just went way down.

Also, on the recommendation of a few of y'all, I've decided to try out Google Reader for all 84 of my feeds. Why not? I figure Google already owns my emailing, website analyzing, map making, direction finding, video watching ass, so why not let them take me over completely? The only problem is that, for some odd reason, I can't download the notifier extension here at work, and that's something I need in order make my time wasting as efficient as possible. I'm all about doing nothing at all as quickly as possible.


Did anyone else learn the word "superfluous" from watching the Simpsons? Just me? Oh.

I've learned most of my, albeit slight, knowledge from odd places. One day in Mr. Ause's 11th grade World Studies class, he asked a question to which the answer was clearly "an amulet". I knew this, and replied as such. Nobody else had a clue what the fuck an amulet was, let alone that it was used to ward off evil spirits.

What I didn't tell anyone was that the only reason I knew the answer is because I played a shitload, and I do mean a shitload, of Castlevania and Faxanadu when I was growing up. I let them believe I knew the answer because I was goddamn brilliant.

Surprisingly, I didn't get laid much in high school.


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