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Monday, January 08, 2007

The Problem: A few weeks ago my music subscribtion service, Napster, upgraded their client. In doing so, they started using Windows Media Player 10+ or higher, while previously it had been set at 9 or higher. The problem is that here at work I'm unable to upgrade to WMP 10.0 because it requires Windows XP. My work computer runs Windows 2000.

Shit on a stick.

As such, my Napster client has become wholly inoperable. It opens and then immeidately crashes. I can still use Napster at home(because that computer has XP), but if I'm paying to use something, I want it to be functional on every damn computer I use.

The conclusion: Napster gotta go. I am in the market for a new online music subscription service.

The solution: You tell me. What service(s) do you pay your hard earned money to use? What do you like about them? What should I stay away from?

I liked using Napster because even though I don't ultimately purchase a lot of music, I do like the opportunity to listen to a lot. I was able to download music to my hard drive--music that's out of my normal, go-to genre and never would've found without the radio service-- that I never really owned. That's fine with me; I don't need to own a license for every song in my library. I rarely listen to more than a handful of albums at any given time anyhow.

  • Radio stations--
  • This allows me to listen my favorite music at my leisure(heh, I said "lez") and hopefully find bands I'd never heard of before. This was one of the main reasons I liked Napster in the first place.
  • Compatible with 2000--
  • I'm fully aware that by the time I cancel and sign up for another service, every damn service out there will probably shun Windows 2000 like it has the clap. I may just be s.o.l. Whatever.
  • Unlimited listening without ownership--
  • This is why itunes is out of the running; it only has pay-per-download, does it not? I've never been able to dig that far into the software without causing harm to something fragile in the room, like a lamp. Or my patience and ego.

    Eh, without having you, dear reader, do all the research for me, why don't just tell me what you use and why you like it, mkay?


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